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High School

Starting in the 8th grade, UAI students can select some of their academic and elective courses for the year. This model has been adopted to promote student autonomy.
      UAI Partners with New York University Tandon School of Engineering For our 11th Consecutive Year!
We are thrilled to continue our amazing partnership with NYU Tandon, bringing a true college experience to our 10th and 11th graders. This Spring Semester, 2023, UAI 10th and 11th Grade Students will be eligible apply to NYU Tandon for either an Intro to Engineering Course or An Engineering and Technology Forum.
Taught By NYU Professors at the Tandon Campus,  this partnership affords UAI students the opportunity to get prepared for college level work in a supportive and helping environment. Students in our NYU partnership are not only exposed to the academic rigor of college-level work, but are also challenged to build their academic and personal skill-set. This combination or rigor, skill-building and self-discovery support post secondary readiness and student confidence. 


      CUNY LINCT to Success
LINCT to Success is a college access, transition, and success program comprised of three distinct but interconnected components (LINCT, Bridge to College and Career, and Strive for Success) that support high school seniors matriculate into college. LINCT (formerly known as At Home in College) provides students with specialized curriculum in Math and English designed to better prepare them for college-level coursework, and allows students to take the CUNY Assessment Tests at least twice at no cost. LINCT also provides professional development and resources to high school teachers and counselors. The program goal is for students to enter college without significant remedial needs. Bridge to College and Career offers guidance to high school graduates transitioning to college with the aim of combating “summer melt.” Finally, Strive for Success provides matriculated freshmen at several CUNY colleges with peer mentoring designed to help students navigate college life and improve retention. Currently, LINCT and Bridge to College and Career are expanding through a partnership with the NYC Department of Education.