Girls Inc & Student Activities


Girls Inc NYC has partnered with UAI since our founding in 2006, providing vital programs that include:

  • Free After School Programming from 3:00 - 5:30 PM everyday.
  • Fun, engaging and creative after school programming that is driven by student voice.
  • Free 4 week Summer Camp.
  • Field trips, enrichment activities and access to influential women leaders.
  • An emphasis on physical and emotional health and wellness.
  • College and Career development through workplace visits, mentor events and skill-building classes.
          UAI Students get the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Oprah Winfrey!
Thanks to our many partnerships, UAI students participated in the amazing program, Women Who Drone
             UAI Students appear in a Girls Inc PSA that premiered during the Super Bowl!
        UAI Students get to partner with HSBC for a year-long mentorship!
           UAI and Girls Inc hold "Healthy Relationships 101" in honor of Valentine's Day
Krystal Bostick, HS Program Director