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Vision & Core Values

The Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women in an all-girls, 6th-12th grade public school located in Downtown, Brooklyn. UAI’s vision is one that lies heavily on social justice, equity and access. 


While the STEM field produces some of the highest paying jobs in the US, women, particularly Brown and Black Women, make up less than 20% of the STEM workforce. At UAI we are on a mission to change this.


Through a deeply personalized and caring community that provides our students with opportunities to explore their passions and safely take risks, UAI is supporting the newest generation of confident, civic-minded, smart and successful young women.


UAI  fosters a nurturing, collaborative work environment that promotes students’ appreciation for intellectual diversity, preparation for the rigors of college and career, and active engagement in their larger communities.


Our students graduate from UAI with the skills, confidence and courage to smash through glass ceilings and dismantle racial and gender stereotypes along the way