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The UAI Department explores literature through analysis and creative writing. Our purpose is to help our students realize that literature reflects certain universal truths that allow us to see others and ourselves as part of a larger whole.





UAI's History Department explores economic, social and political history with an emphasis on the examination of multiple perspectives. The purpose of our History Department is to prepare students to become informed citizens and independent thinkers by sharpening their skills of critical analysis, research, writing and oral presentation.

The science program at UAI is designed to show students how to be scientists and scientific citizens. The coursework in science prepares students to understand the forces of science and technology that will shape their future lives.
Mathematics at UAI offers an assortment of different college preparatory courses, each designed to be a hybrid of the theoretical and applicative nature of mathematics. Each course presents a mathematical journey in which students investigate, explore, discover, conjecture, reason, argue, justify, explain, prove and apply knowledge.