UAI roots student success in strong social emotional learning (SEL). We understand that in addition to providing an academically rigorous curriculum, students must be given ample opportunity to learn and grow as deep, critical thinkers with a large tool box of intra and interpersonal skills. 
Social emotional skills allow students to make smart, goal-directed decisions, navigate challenges with self-confidence, communicate effectively and move through the ups and downs of middle school, high school and beyond with a sense of purpose and ease. 
At UAI, we provide a three-tiered systematic approach to SEL skill-building delivery. Through our structured advisory system, daily routines and norms and school-wide events and celebration, every student at UAI receives SEL support and skill-building opportunities. For those students that may need additional support and the opportunity to practice skills in a smaller, direct setting, UAI provides SEL skill-building groups and/or individual counseling. 
We utilizes data-driven information to make informed student SEL decisions. In addition to administering the DESSA two times a year, our restorative team uses internal school data; such as student grades, attendance and student self-assessments to ensure that all of our students receive the best support and care they need to excel.