September Re-Opening

Hello Families! 


I hope this email finds you well.  While we are still very much in the planning phase for September's start to the school year, leadership wants to ensure that we keep families up to date on the items that we do know and the action steps that we have already taken to ensure a smooth, safe and productive start of the year for our girls. 


First and foremost, we must emphasize that it is UAI's mission to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our students, staff and families, while simultaneously creating a learning model that addresses the complex needs of our community.  Never should the learning and emotional health of our students be in tension with the safety and well-being of our UAI Family. This is an unprecedented time and we are moving with intentional caution and seeking a wide-range of guidance to ensure we are making the safest, smartest and healthiest choices of all of our stakeholders.  We appreciate your voice and the patience you have granted us during this time. 


Leadership is meeting with students, staff and family daily to gather feedback and address concerns. Last week the SLT (School Leadership Team) met to finalize the model in which we will operate under in September. While the specifics of September' schedule are not yet completed, there are many items we can share with our families.


Here is What We Do Know:

  •  September's school year will begin with a blended remote and limited-in day learning model. This will be discussed further below. 
  • All families will have the option to keep their child in a 100% virtual learning model if they choose.  Parents who wish to have their child stay remote for at least the first  quarter of the school year MUST complete this SURVEY by  August 7th at the latest. 
  •  Schools will be provided with masks, sanitizing materials and extensive cleaning guidelines to ensure daily sterilization of the building.  Students and staff will all be required to wear masks in the building and the required social distance between all parties will be kept both inside of the classroom and within the school building.
  • Teachers and school staff with prior health conditions will be eligible to apply to teach remotely to ensure their health. This process is run by the Chancellor and the City and not UAI. We will have some teachers that due to medical need     will not be teaching in the building this September.
  • The Chancellor has established guidelines and a general timeline of action steps that need to be taken by schools and the city to ensure everyone is ready for September. These items can be found HERE
  • At our July 13th SLT meeting, participating voters casted their vote for September's teaching model.  The majority of votes went towards Model 1 - An Alternating Day Model. Which will have students in the building during different days in conjunction with an online component.  You can find the SLT agenda and minutes HERE
  •  Our next SLT meeting is on August 5th at 12:00. All are welcomed. 


Next Steps:

  •  Leadership and a committee of UAI teachers charged to work on creating the September class schedule for students and staff continues to meet.  Programming Committee goal is to have a close to finalized schedule for the August 5th  SLT meeting.
  •  Leadership continues to receive guidance and directive from the City. All new information will be shared with families. 
  • Any and all questions or concerns can be sent to Ms. Jen 

Thank you once again and do not hesitate in reaching out or offering your suggestions. The Zoom link for our upcoming SLT and PTA meetings will be sent out via email over the next few weeks