UAI Updates During COVID-19

Creating A Home-Learning Routine.  We know that suddenly shifting from a school-based schedule to being at home is a big shift for so many families.  Some families have many siblings in one space and/or parents/guardians are also working at home and using the families’ WiFi and devices. 

We are creating a program that will allow families to flexibly decide how best to accommodate learning at home. To see student's schedules CLICK HERE

We want our students to remain connected with UAI, and one way to do that is to create a series of short, live online experiences that allow students and teachers to interact together.  In addition, we want students to have time away from screen experiences to balance their home learning.  So we have intentionally scheduled 1-hour breaks between live online sessions.  Students should move away from screens in between sessions. Here are some suggestions:  get fresh air (maintaining social distancing), do chores, help siblings or other family members and move around!

Every family will have individual needs at home.  Therefore, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate participation and attendance in multiple ways.
(1) All students will have the opportunity to participate in the online sessions. 
(2) If, for whatever reason, students cannot participate online, students can watch the recorded
                session and complete the assignments after the online session.

Students will have 24 hours to complete each day’s lesson.  If we see that someone was not able to participate in any way, we will reach out to homes via phone to find out how we can better help and support you at home.  We will not be at schools during this period, so please reach out to your child’s advisor or class teacher. You can also feel free to reach out to me ([email protected]) or Ms. Annie ([email protected]).