Staff Recruitment


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Nothing from August 20, 2018 to September 20, 2018.

We are always looking to recruit potential teachers to our family of educators.  Please send your resume to

As of 10OCT16, we are recruiting for a High School Chemistry teacher.  Please call 718-260-2300 or email Kiri Soares (the principal) at to apply.

We are a very dedicated and hardworking staff with a multitude of talents!  We believe that students learn best when they are the ones to pose the interesting questions and when they find ways to come together to resolve complex tasks.

We also believe that teaching is an art, and that only through time and collaborative work with peers will individuals reach the pinnacle of their practice.  Frequent peer and supervisor observation is a critical component to staff development.  We are dedicated professionals who are determined to continually reflect on, refine, and improve our practice.

UAI classrooms have shared instructional formats.  Through these formats, teachers develop student agency, social emotional capacity, and academic achievement to best prepare them for success through college and beyond.  The core formats are:

  • Collaborative Reasoning Groups – These groups use social-emotional learning strategies like Accountable Talk to build collaborative skills, consider other perspectives, pose high level questions, and work in unison to resolve a shared task.
  • Student Conferences – All teachers schedule individual conferences with students to provide tailored support and instructional coaching.  Students make achievable and measurable goals, and teachers use conferences to build goal-directed behaviors with students.
  • Shares – In small groups or in whole class, students are expected to present their work, engage their peers for feedback, and demonstrate competency of the subject matter.